Viburnum acerifolium - Barker Woods

Family:     Adoxaceae

Duration:  Perennial

Height:     1-2 m (3-6 ft)

Blooming: June-July


MapleLeaf Viburnum

Viburnum acerifolium  L.

Stem: woody, twigs are pubescent.

Flowers: numerous white flowers set in a flat or umbrella like cluster. The flower clusters can be up to 7 cm wide.

Leaves: The opposite leaves grow up to 10 cm (5 in) in length. The have 3 lobes but sometimes 5. Soft hairs make the leaf feel fuzzy.  

Sun:  Full sun to shade 

Maple-leaved viburnum fruit

Comments: Horticulturist, Michael Dirr, said, "a garden without a viburnum is akin to a life without music and art". 

Etymology: Viburnum is from the Latin meaning "wayfaring tree".


Butterfly host plant:  Maple-leaved viburnums are the larvae host plant for Spring Azule (Celastrina ladon).

all photos by Nathanael Pilla


Maple-leaved viburnum can be used as a corner shrub in a shady part of the landscape. It doesn't do well in deep shade however. This little shrub attracts birds, butterflies, and bees. Autumn foliage is a beautiful reddish-purple color. Wildlife loves the fruits.

Viburnum acerifolium - Barker Woods
Viburnum acerifolium leaf
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