Solidago ohionensis cowles.JPG

Family:     Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

Duration:  Perennial

Height:     40 -100 cm (1 to 3 ft)

Blooming: Sept. - Oct.


Ohio Goldenrod

Solidago ohioensis  Riddell

Stem: glabrous (no hair) and erect.  

Flowers: are in 10-500 yellow flowerheads. These are arranged in a flat-topped arrangement set up like stages on risers.

Leaves: the basal leaves are often persistent throughout the plants flowering life. Many times the petioles are winged.

Sun: Full 

Solidago ohionensis.jpg
Solidago ohionensis indiana dunes.jpg

all photos by Nathanael Pilla

Landscape: A very special goldenrod to the Northwest Indiana area being its distribution is restricted to the Great Lakes states.  The large basal leaves and setting of the flowerheads make this a unique and gorgeous goldenrod for landscapes.

Comments: Ohio goldenrod is very similar to Riddell's goldenrod. The latter, however, have longitudinally folded leaves and have 3 or more longitudinal veins. Ohio goldenrod has one longitudinal vein and is not folded.   

Etymology: The epithet name ohioensis means "from Ohio".  The genus, solidago, comes from the Latin word, solida meaning "whole" and ago meanining "to make".

Species Present and Native