Family:     Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

Duration:  Perennial

Height:     35 - 80 cm (1 to 2.5 ft)

Blooming: Aug. - Oct.


Blue-stem Goldenrod

Solidago caesia L.

Stem: round and either erect or arching.  It is glaucous, usually with a blue to purple color.

Flowers: are in 9-380 yellow flowerheads. They are axillary or terminally arranged.  Each flowerhead is approximately 3 mm. (.125 in) wide.

Leaves: the basal leaves often wither by the time the plant flowers.  They are sessile in that they are attached directly to the stem without petioles. 

Sun: Part shade to shade 

all photos by Nathanael Pilla

Landscape: An arching yellow addition to your shaded meadow garden or woodland.

Comments: Blue-stemmed goldenrod differs from zigzag goldenrod in that the zigzag goldenrod has wider leaves that are coarsely toothed and petiolated.  If you see the blue-purplish stem, it is most likely the blue-stemmed goldenrod.   

Etymology: The epithet name caesia comes from the Latin word, caesius, meaning "bluish-grey" due to the bluish stem color.  The genus, solidago, comes from the Latin word, solida meaning "whole" and ago meanining "to make".

Species Present and Native
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