Family:     Orchidaceae (orchid family)

Duration:  Perennial

Height:     14 - 80 cm (5.5 - 30 in)

Blooming: June - Aug.


Green Fringed Orchid

Platanthera lacera (Michx.) G. Don

Stem: erect, green with a slight wing on the angles.  No hair on the stem.


Flowers: whitish-green to yellowish green. The lower lip is divided deeply into three lobes.  Its flower spike can reach as tall as 25 cm (10 in).   

Leaves: 1-4 leaves alternating widely up the stem. Leaves have no hair or teeth.  

Fruit: short stalked, ellipsoid capsules with three longitudinal ridges.

Sun: Full sun to part sun.

Comments: because of its greenish flowers, it is often overlooked by observers.  This soft spoken little orchid is listed in Indiana as rare or uncommon with a place on Indiana's watch list.

Etymology: The genus, Platanthera, is derived from the Greek word, platys, meaning "flat" and the Greek word, anthera, meaning "anther".  Lacera comes from the Latin words for being torn or lacerated.

all photos by Nathanael Pilla

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